PLEASE SHARE : Message from #sanleandro #news member Cindy Licano Safdari,

“Our storage in San Leandro behind Home Depot on Davis St was broken into. Our 2001 Chevy Silverado truck was stolen along with ALL our tools. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment! This is how we make our living! This facility is supposed to be “secure” with locked doors, cameras and onsite security. This did not deter anybody. Please keep your eyes open for a 2001 Champagne colored Chevy Silverado license plate # 6S01967. The truck also has a missing sunroof. Also if any of you are out and about at flea markets and such please keep your eyes open for any tools that say Red Door Restoration, RDR or Tucker. Any help is appreciated! If you have info, please call the San Leandro Police Department at (510) 577-2740.”


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