Thursday, January 11, 7 pm, at the Park Branch Library, 1833 Page Street.

From HANC’s newsletter, below. See you at the meeting, which will address affordable housing and tenants’ rights …

“The Planning Department released its 2016 Housing Inventory December 21, 2017. The annual net gain in housing units—new construction less demolition—was 5,046 housing units, about double the 10-year average annual gain. Of these, over 800 units were “affordable,” more than a 50% gain over 2016.

There were over 3,500 units built in buildings of 20 units or more, and 90% condominiums. There are a total of 387,597 housing units now in San Francisco. About 30% are single-family homes, 20% are buildings of two to four units, 10% each for buildings of either 5-9 units, or 10-19 units, and 28% for buildings of at least 20 units. The Housing Inventory also lists median rents and home prices, and regional housing

Of course, neither the Inventory nor any other Planning document addresses who gets to live in San Francisco, and who is forced out.

At the January 11th HANC meeting, we are fortunate to have three distinguished experts on San Francisco housing, particularly on affordable housing and tenants’ rights.

Calvin Welch, long-time housing activist and former HANC Board Member, will address the housing legacy of Mayor Ed Lee.

Dean Preston will report on the Sacramento hearing about repeal of Costa-Hawkins. Repealing Costa-Hawkins would mean that local governments could institute rent control and vacancy control of rents. Dean will also address the Right to Counsel ballot measure and related topics.

Peter Cohen, Coalition of Community Housing Organizations
(CCHO), will also be there, fresh from Sacramento with the latest on California housing funding mechanisms and anticipated future housing development.

CCHO recently completed a housing needs analysis based on the jobs production data that was released in late 2017. Peter will also speak on funding for San Francisco as projected from the California Bond and other sources, and the need for a new
local permanent source(s) of affordable housing revenue.

Meet the New Police Captain
Also at this meeting, we will have an opportunity to meet Police Captain Una Bailey who was recently appointed Captain of Park Station.”


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