Flashback: Eden Hospital

Flashback. Who was born at the original Eden Hospital? What year? Share your memories

CV News Podcast #10

https://www.facebook.com/castrovalleytv/videos/2038764546195727/ #castrovalley #news #podcast #10 : CV News reporter Roberto talks about the “Tiny Homes” proposal at First Pres on Grove Way and shares some observations and comments about the...

PLEASE SHARE : First Pres. Opened a “Winter Warming Shelter”

PLEASE SHARE FOR ANYONE WHO MAY BE IN NEED : Message from #castrovalley #newsmember Anita Hall, "First Pres opened a “Winter Warming Shelter” tonight at its...

CV News Podcast #14

https://www.facebook.com/castrovalleytv/videos/2121126234626224/ #castrovalley #news #podcast #14 : CVN reporter Roberto discusses our new membership offer, the new SoCo Kitchenrestaurant coming to Castro Valley and the controversial "DTF" billboard on CV...

CV News Livestream

https://www.facebook.com/castrovalleytv/videos/2155383007867213/ #castrovalley #news #livestream : Update with Alameda County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Ray Kelly regarding the homicide on John Court that happned @ 5:30 PM / Aug. 9

Castro Valley News – Year 3, Number 5

http://issuu.com/eastbayeveryday/docs/cvn_p026?e=9744405/55171690 Get Magazine Delivery! Would you like to have the next version of the print magazine delivered right to you? Opt-in to delivery and the CVNG...

Looking For a Local Resource

Little help here! #castrovalley #news member Leilani V. and her family are new to CV and are looking for a local dentist. Suggestions / recommendations? Share your recommendation

Little help here!

Little help here! #castrovalley #news member is looking for a good dog obedience class or instructor. Suggestions / recommendations? Have recommendations?

Break in @ Eden Bicycles : July 6, 2018

https://www.facebook.com/castrovalleytv/videos/2083544351717746/ Footage from the break in at Eden Bicycles in Castro Valley at about 4:15 AM this morning. If you have any info on this incident or...

Amazon Package Robbery Reports

PLEASE SHARE: Message from a #castrovalley #news member : "Please keep me anonymous. $300 worth of return packages to Amazon got stolen yesterday afternoon around 5pm on...