We love you, Lily Prillinger! You will be missed in the neighborhood, indeed!

From the Park Street Station Newsletter December 1, 2017:

“In June of 2006, the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) hired Officer Elizabeth “Lily” Prillinger, and she began her career as a recruit in the SFPD’s Academy. Officer Prillinger graduated the SFPD’s Academy, and was as assigned to Tenderloin Station, where she completed the SFPD Field Training Program, followed by probation at Northern Station, and was later, permanently assigned to Park Station.

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In 2008, Officer Prillinger transferred to the Mayor’s Security Detail for several years, where she was assigned to Mayor Gavin Newsom and later to Mayor Edwin Lee. In 2012, she returned to Park Station where she has worked patrol, plainclothes, and most recently as one the Haight Street Foot Beat officers. She is also a certified Forensic Artist and has served as a composite artist for the department since 2010.

Officer Prillinger will be transferred to Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), a city-wide unit, where she will work under Sgt. Kelly Kruger and Lt. Mario Molina. One of the main functions of the Crisis Intervention Team is to operate on the front end of mental health crisis that affects our city on a daily basis, and requires extensive support and intervention from first responders, including police.

One of the CIT unit’s primary concerns is to identify and assist with the most mentally disturbed subjects in the City, with an intent to connect vulnerable subjects with resources and to ensure public safety. The CIT unit aims to cultivate an effective partnership between the Department of Public Health and Law Enforcement so that people in crisis are connected to the most appropriate services directly, the streets remain as safe as possible, and our SFPD officers receive optimum support from a centralized unit.”

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