#castrovalley #news Letter to the Editor :

Dear Editor,

While my wife and I were recovering from the flu she painfully injured her back. After bringing her home from San Leandro Kaiser I headed out to Walgreens in CV to buy her a heating pad. On my way in I tripped on the curb and fell on the concrete and bruised my ribs. I picked myself up and stumbled into Walgreens and started to go into shock.

I want to thank the very compassionate Walgreens employee who helped me to a chair and called for help. I want to thank Alameda County fire who took very good care of me and called paramedics plus ambulance service who were very gentle. Thank you to the staff at San Leandro Kaiser for their care. We are both recovering.

It is wonderful to live in a community with so many caring folks who live, work and serve us all.

Thank you,
Bob Swanson

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