I can’t believe it’s been almost half a year since I started down this journey with Binx. What began on Binx.Guru quickly grew into Binx.News, and every month since has been a learning experience. Trying to find the proper balance between manga and comics, movies and TV shows, and most importantly, video games, has been tricky. Believe me, I notice when there’s more coverage dedicated to one comic publisher than another, for instance, or one game publisher versus another, and so on; it’s never on purpose! That’s been part of the adventure for me, though, in learning what you all are expecting to see here and making sure that happens in a way that’s fair and balanced for everyone.

So as we move into 2018, expect what you’ve already come to love from Binx.News but bigger and better. It’s our mission here to create a gaming ecosystem unlike any other. Many of you stumbling upon Binx.News are doing so because of We have an amazing community of streamers that only continues to grow and our hope is that each and every one of you sees that Binx.News is here to give you the coverage that matters to you. We’ll continue to tap into the eSports scene as well as seek out hardware to highlight that will make your life as a streamer and/or pro gamer all the easier.

We’ll also be working to flesh out our retro content. A lot of you reading this right now have probably been having fun with new consoles after the holidays, including Super NES Classics and Sega Genesis Flashback systems, just to name a couple. For many fans these systems are introductions to a whole world of video games that they either have never played, know little about, or maybe experienced in bursts as children. Retro gaming, in my eyes at least, isn’t just a curiosity or niche. I see it as the living, breathing past of the video game industry, a past that’s important now and will continue to become more so as the years roll by.

As such, I want to bring the joy of the old to all of you along with the new. I want Binx.News to be a place where you can find coverage on all of today’s consoles and games, but also be able to pull the curtain back a bit on the dusty stuff and find out why it matters, what its legacy is, and how much fun all those titles still are. Look forward to weekly doses of Binx Bits and Binx Boombox for examinations and history pieces on classic games and hardware, as well as the chance to hear some great video game music you might not have discovered (or forgot about!). Who knows… maybe there a couple of other things up our sleeves, too…

Of course, just sitting and reading alone doesn’t do much by way of variety, so please also look forward to continue seeing videos from us highlighting everything from collectibles to the awesome shops that you can find them in, along with all sorts of other content. Honestly, our plans here are so big that by this time next year, the site is going to be a heck of a lot richer than it is now. We hope that you’ll continue to share this journey we’re on, especially me, as we strive to make Binx the hub for everyday gamers and fans. It’s not very interesting to do things in a vacuum, so I encourage you all—be vocal here. Leave comments under the articles and on social media. Tell us what you’re thinking. And if you’re feeling generous, share Binx.News with your friends and family. Binx.News is about you all, not just filling the pockets of rich people shilling merchandise and nicknacks. The more you all put in, the better this will be! With that…

Happy New Year!

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