#sanleandro #news update – Two teenagers who graduated from San Leandro High School in May have been arrested for killing 32-year old Danny Carlos over a cellphone.

November 18th, Carlos drove to a gas station near Bayfair Mall shortly after 1 PM to sell an iPhone 10 to 18-year-old Jordan Patton and 18-year-old Marcus Fortune.

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Patton and Fortune met Carlos via online website “Letgo” where items are listed for sale. For some reason, Patton and Fortune decided to rob him, and when the deal went bad, Carlos was shot and died instantly.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office investigators obtained search warrants for the Letgo servers and discovered who Carlos was messaging with on the app to make the sale.

Detectives say Fortune pulled the trigger and Patton drove the car they fled in. Both are being held in Alameda County jail without bail and have been charged with murder.

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